Windy Land

"Windy Land" highlights the value of shell and "house as the greatest powers of integration for thoughts, memories, and dreams". It addresses home beyond a building which is dissolved and distributed inside the human mind and becomes a symbol of the self.  It is a reinterpretation of Gaston Bachelard’s book "The Poetics of Space" as "The airy structure is open to the wind of another time, and could greet us every day of our lives, giving us confidence”. 


Downtown Cincinnati​

“Windy Land” is on display currently as a mural in Downtown Cincinnati, The Windy Land project was expanded as part of the Blink multi-media event in Cincinnati in October 2019.


"The Windy land" series was shown at Wave pool galley as a part of a group show titled "Breathe!"

Breathe! show.jpg