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Windy Land

Windyland is a multifaceted series of artworks encompassing painting, installation, public events, and augmented reality (AR) experiences, created in response to the refugee crisis. Inspired by Gaston Bachelard's "The Poetics of Space," Windyland explores the concept of shelter as a fundamental aspect of human existence, integrating thoughts, memories, and dreams. Initially showcased as a mural in Downtown Cincinnati, the project expanded its reach as part of the Blink multi-media event in October 2019. It was further presented as an AR installation named "Kaleidoscope" at the University of Cincinnati Digital Future in 2022, in collaboration with the Hudson and Park firm, as well as a public art installation in Downtown​ Cincinnati in 2022. Through its various forms and venues, Windyland prompts reflection on the universal need for survival and the transformative power of shelter in the face of displacement.

"Windy Land" Installation

Downtown Cincinnati 2022

"Windy Land"

Blink Cincinnati 

Downtown​ Cincinnati, October 2019.

"Windy Land"

Mural Installation

 University of Cincinnati, Digital Future 2019



"Windy Land" AR installation

 University of Cincinnati, Digital Future 2022.



Curated by Andrea Torrice 

"Windy Land" 

Wave Pool Galley 2021

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