• Master of Fine Arts, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati                                                                                     






  • The Grand Prize, 2nd illustration exhibition of textbook illustration, Tehran 2007

  • Runner-up medal, 14th Noma Concours (UNESCO- ACCU), Tokyo 2005

  • The Golden Pen Award, 7th International Biennial of Illustration & 42nd Golden Pen, Belgrade 2004­­

  • Grand prize of the inaugural Festival of Art, University of Art, Tehran 2002






Solo and Group show in the United States, Canada, Iran, Italy, Japan, Germany, Denmark, South Korea, Slovakia, and Yugoslavia and the United Arab Emirates, including:


  • "Too Far, So Close", Mónica Reyes Gallery, Vancouver, Canada 2019 

  • “Double-Edged”, Wave Pool Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, US 2017

  • Mini Cinema, Cincinnati, Ohio, US 2015

  • “Santa Claus House” Trento, Italy 2014

  • “Salvation”, Van Wormer Hall, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, US 2014

  • “Warning,” Lohioh Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, US 2013

  • “False Idols” Semantics Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, US 2012

  • "Contemporary Iranian Children's-Books-Illustrations", Frappant Gallery, Hamburg, Germany 2012

  • “SCRF,” Sharjah Children's Reading Festival- Sharjah, United Arab Emirates 2012

  • “Colors of the Sacred,” Padova, Italy 2011            

  • "Child and Theater," Illustration Exhibition, Italy 2011              

  •  “Disabled Children,” Illustration Exhibition, Tehran, Iran 2010              

  • 10th International Biennial of Illustration and 45nd Golden Pen of Belgrade, Belgrade 2010            

  • 22nd Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB), Bratislava, Slovak Republic 2009             

  • Solo Painting Exhibition, The Embassy of England, Tehran, Iran 2009            

  • CJ, the 1st Picture Book Festival, Korea 2009            

  • 1st International Competition of Poster, Chioggia, Italy 2008            

  • 14th International Competition of Illustration, Chioggia, Italy 2008            

  • 3rd Illustration Exhibition of Textbook Picturing, Tehran, Iran 2008            

  • Illustration Exhibition, T-Box gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2007            

  • 9th International Biennial of Illustration and 44th Golden Pen of Belgrade, Belgrade2007            

  • “Molavi,” Illustration Exhibition, Tehran, Iran 2007            

  • 2nd Illustration Exhibition of Textbook Picturing, Tehran, Iran 2007            

  • First Croatian Biennial of Illustration, Zagreb 2006          

  • International Illustration Exhibition: "pictures from Iran," Denmark 2006            

  • 8th International Biennial of Illustration and 43rd Golden Pen of Belgrade, Belgrade 2006            

  • 1st Illustration Exhibition of Textbook Picturing, Tehran, Iran 2006            

  • 14th Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustration, Tokyo, Japan2005            

  • 7th International Biennial of Illustration and 42nd Golden Pen of Belgrade, Belgrade2004            

  • 1st Comprehensive Festival of Arts students, University of Art, Tehran, Iran 2002            

  • 6th Contemporary Drawing, Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2001            

  • 1st Visual Art's Festival, University of Art, Tehran, Iran 1998   




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